Viral Implosion


Not since the Wilson administration has Big Business wielded such influence over the entire world. This novel looks at what is already happening, then goes on to speculate what could happen if Big Business is allowed to follow its desires without restraint. The human factor can cause the best laid plans to implode — and in fact does just that.



This book is being published incrementally, one chapter a week. You can access each chapter under this menu. If you elect to Follow me, you will be notified by e-mail whenever another article is posted. I am very interested in people’s reactions to this book, so please feel free to rave (preferred), like or critique. I encourage feedback! I know I have all the answers, but maybe – just maybe – someone else has good ideas as well, or even questions I neglected to answer. Thank you for your indulgence.

–Bonnie-Jean Rohner



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