About everything

working 7 1-30-14With a truly eclectic span of interests, Bonnie-Jean Rohner posts her articles in separate blogs.

The Pet Parade is an anecdotal trek through her life based on the pets in her life.

Informational/instructional articles where she just explores one or another of her interests, predominantly on information technology, business and biology, are posted in her other blog, The Academic.

In this blog (B-J Rohner Freewheeling) just about anything can show up. It’s hard to separate humor from creative writing since Bonnie-Jean sees humor in just about everything. Obviously, as a writer, she loves words and their power and those observations are in a separate category, as is science fiction, a life-long love for both reading and writing. Another life-long fascination has been metaphysics, where she has explored many religions, ethics and philosophies and written on them, basically ending up as a somewhat independent Tibetan taoist.

Ms Rohner is available for speaking engagements on self-empowerment, whistleblowing, and any other topic touched on in her blogs; e-mail address below.

The Academic: http://bytestream1.wordpress.com/
Autobiographical blog: http://mypetparade.wordpress.com/
B-J Rohner freewheeling: https://bonniejeanblog.wordpress.com

Ms Rohner can be reached at: bytestream77@yahoo.com


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