Is this control of the Internet or not?

My followers know I am a staunch supporter of Internet freedom. However, the recent uproar over the United States administration’s proposal needs to be viewed with more objectivism than the ranting and raving of flag wavers. The proposed legislation is simply to allow the FCC to oversee poor practices by ISPs in charging for accelerated access. This practice eventually gets trickled down to the consumer in higher prices, of course, and monopolization of access. Just as the FCC’s regulation has not hampered free radio waves, this can be accomplished without hampering free access to the Internet. Broadband providers are already making serious profits; they should not be allowed to have this kind of control.

In respect of copyright laws, I cannot reproduce the AP reporter Anne Flaherty’s article, but I do recommend it be read. Here is the link:–net_neutrality-fact_check-e30cfb560f.html


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