Tee Shirts I’d like to see

my T shirtsIt seems to me that we should not buy clothing with brand names on them. These companies have huge advertising budgets – they should pay us to display their names!There are all sorts of commentaries that need no embellishment yet are too big for a bumper sticker. Or they would cause an accident while the person behind you Is trying to read the whole thing. My favorite example comes from Will Rogers: “If you find yourself deep in a hole, the first thing you need to do is … stop digging!”

I have a tee shirt that caught my boss’ eye because he only saw the front, which reads “You can do anything you want …”. He had me turn around to find the ending: “… at Alice’s Restaurant.” This is a reference to Arlo Guthrie’s anti-war song of the late 1960s. I was thrilled when I saw the actual place where Alice’s Restaurant used to be.

Sometimes these observations are fun when split to the front and back of a tee shirt. Other times they do fine just on the back.

Herein I offer some of my ideas for new and wondrous tee shirts. To any of you tee shirt manufacturers out there, I am willing to sell these – for a fee and the citation of my name, of course.

If you have original snippets of your own to add, please add them as comments so I can give you full credit.

the cheshire cattaking risks

There are three things in life I won’t try: lesbianism, murder and hard drugs. The reason: I might like them.

World Eye

on being a teacher

Think of me as the cornea of your mind’s eye, trying to tighten the focus.


a giant leap

flying high - Willem

flying high – Willem

I’ll try anything twice — the first time I may be too scared to enjoy it.

I wish I was an ostrich,
Head deep beneath the sand.
Then they might all wake up
And start to understand

a fish



elegant fish?
“Elegant fish dinner”
(headline was on a recipe newsletter)
… Sorry – In all my years, I’ve yet to meet an elegant fish!



parking is hazardousparking lot
In western New York, parking is more hazardous than driving. Despite no moving violations, I have over $800 worth of dings, dents and scrapes – and not a single note on the windshield.


Twelve out of every 37 people believe statistics … or think they lie.



don’t scare meRoller Coaster Making a Loop
On slasher movies and loopy roller coasters:
If I want to be scared out of my skin, I ‘ll just look at my bills.






chairsitting on one’s hands
I wonder why governing positions are always named after furniture:
• Secretary
• Cabinet
• Divan
• Chair
• House
• Desk
Sometimes I think it’s because all they do is collect dust.


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