We need to control the American oil companies

I just wanted to make an appeal for the Western New York citizens which I feel will help the entire country’s economy. In Rochester, gas prices are higher than the national average. Not all of us can afford to purchase an hybrid automobile, and since this is a rural area, we depend a lot on gasoline to get around.

I support Obama’s attempts to at least move the source of oil to the United States. However, the oil companies of America, as they have always done in the past, are taking advantage of incentives, yet pushing gas prices higher and higher. I would like to see Congress put some control over the American oil industry just as they did the banks, to push the prices back down and stop improper practices. Just watch the stock prices in the past four years and you can see that American oil companies are blossoming, off the back of people out of work or on a fixed income.

This is not the final solution – we really need the automotive industry to develop alternate energy sources such as hydrogen cars. But they are loath to do this without their own incentives. Meanwhile, the American citizens – for that matter, citizens all over the world – are limited to gasoline-burning transportation.

The last time there was a gasoline crunch, I learned that gasoline prices were geared to the neighborhood — the supply companies would charge the individual gas station owners an amount that they thought the neighborhood could bear; gas station owners would charge as little as possible in profit because they knew people were shopping around for the best price.


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